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Our woods

Our Tuscan passion for wood, combined with the long tradition of passing skills from father to son, leads us to select and use varying wood assortments from across the globe, celebrating their organic heritage. For this reason, we use tropical wood while still remaining conscientious of deforestation; My Tuscan Wood has always been sensitive to this particular issue, even before the introduction of the EUTR laws. Besides tropical wood, My Tuscan Wood can also supply products and floors in woods like Locust and Siberian Larch, which is easily found in Italy.

Amazonian Ipe, Ipe Tabaco

Also known as ironwood, it is one of the world’s most durable and hard wood.
The wood is typically brown, olive green and black in color with light and dark streaks running through the grain, often covered by a yellow dust. It is quite oily but presents no particular odor, with a very high internal density. It has proven itself to be incredibly durable over time, especially against natural phenomenon’s including severe weather, termites, and water has presented hardly any damage that the wood has been classified by the US Forest Service for over 30 years as Class 1 along with Burmese Teak. Ipe wood is as resistant to fire as concrete and has gained the highest classification possible from the National Fire Protection Association at the University of British Columbia (Grade A). Because of its resilience, it is easy to see why it is the most commonly used wood for outdoor flooring. Available both in solid and finger joint planks: it can be assembled with a simple clip system although we recommend using visible screws.

Brazilian Iroko, Tatajuba

This wood is a South American wood of a golden brown almost rusty color with a straight grain. When outside and untreated it tends to pick up a silvery grey hue. It can be treated with oil to conserve the original color. Available in solid wood planks, to assemble using screws, or in finger joints which are easily assembled with a clip system.

The wood’s volumetric weight of moisture varies between 0.70 and 0.90, and its mechanical resistance is very high. It is naturally very resilient to deterioration and parasitic attack with a 20-year minimum life if left untreated. We commissioned a comparison between Brazilian and African Iroko (more common in Italy) from the Istituto Giordano, which resulted in both the woods being from the same Mulberry family, presenting very similar characteristics, but the Brazilian wood proved to be stronger and more resistant to fungi and marine parasites than its African cousin.

Mato Grosso Ipe, Itauba

Naturally yellow green, the wood takes on dark grey tones as it ages, sometimes with a reddish hue. It has an oily appearance, with a light pleasant scent. Often black or brown natural oil spots appear that will fade over time with oxidation. The wood’s volumetric weight of moisture varies between 0.75 and 1. Once the wood reaches environmental equilibrium it is very stable and sturdy. The wood is very resistant when in use, even if submersed in seawater. It is often used for naval structures and for locations that face severe weather conditions. Available both in solid wood planks and finger joints, it can be assembled with a simple clip system although visible screws are highly recommended.

Our products

Finger Joint Planks

A high tech finish tested by the Istituto Giordano. Ideal for fixed flooring that requires high resistance and stability. Each beam is formed by many 30-40 cm planks that are glued together, creating planks up to 6 meters in length. It allows for a very modern and homogenous floor, which amplifies a sense of perspective and is a natural alternative to WPC.

Finger joint decking boards detail

Solid Wood Planks

These are optimal for floors that are created entirely by the same wood without layers of support. They are ideal for fixed and solid floors that are well maintained over time. The planks can vary in size between 1 and 2.5 meters and have to be assembled by paying particular attention to alignment. It’s highly possible to obtain sophisticated and customizable aesthetic effects.

Solid wood boards for flooring


Pre-assembled planks in varying shapes and sizes, our tiles are ready to be assembled and disassembled quickly. All our wooden tiles are kept together with stainless steel screws and we suggest an early coat of treatment oil to obtain a similar color on all tiles. Much like the solid planks, our tiles are available in different woods, sizes and finishes.

Wooden floor decking