My Tuscan Wood, a unique product for design professionals

Architects, designers and furnishers can find a trendy, unique solution that is high quality with My Tuscan Wood. The many customizable options as well as the products’ easy assembly and need for minimal to no maintenance, proves My Tuscan Wood to be a rich online store filled with interesting and contemporary design solutions.

What attracts professionals most to My Tuscan Wood is the company’s ability to interpret wood as a contemporary, warm and trendy natural material with a rich history and tradition. My Tuscan Wood is the ideal solution for your design interests due to the wide range of finishes and variety in our products as well as the numerous possibilities for customization and assembly.

The selection of wood varieties that are strong and durable mean that My Tuscan Wood products are of excellent quality and price, leading our products to be a successful long term investment that are skillfully Made in Tuscany. My Tuscan Wood’s website is laid out so to allow simple purchase of our products as well as access to online tutorials for assembly as well as tips on how to maintain the integrity of your product.

Piazza del Campo, Siena

Technical consultation for architects and designers

My Tuscan Wood’s staff is available to offer technical consults for architects and designers.
We offer our expertise in the selection, treatment and construction of wooden products in order to give architects and designers support in their purchases and suggest the best solution for:

  • A specific project
  • A surface that will be exposed to sun/humidity/severe weather
  • A surface that will be prone to extreme wear and tear
  • To achieve a certain visual effect that your project or design requires
  • To achieve, based on one of our technical designs, a specific item or product
  • To customize a wooden structure

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