My Tuscan Wood is renowned for its production of hardwood floors ideal for outdoor locations.

The floors are produced in Tuscany, between Livorno and Castelfiorentino (Florence), capturing an 80-year woodworking tradition and commercialization throughout Italy facilitated by online shopping and DIY assembly tutorials.

My Tuscan Woods’ decking boards and wooden tiles are versatile and we offer solutions for both permanent and temporary floors, which are easy to assemble.

Both our decking boards and tiles are customizable and available in different woods, sizes, grains and finishes, and can be arranged however you like to create unique visual effects.

The key characteristics that make My Tuscan Wood’s outdoor flooring solutions so desirable both for private clients, architects, designers and carpenters are:

  • Simple assembly and the option to customize the final look with durable and professional results;
  • High quality and yield on natural wood that doesn’t require constant upkeep and maintenance and, thanks to the organic strengths of our woods, do not require any chemical treatment;
  • The exceptional durability of our woods over time. Advanced in the Italian market, My Tuscan Wood decided to exclusively use Brazilian woods: Tatajuba, Ipe and Garapa, known for being among the world’s strongest and most durable woods that are also resistant to many severe weather conditions, water damage and parasitic or fungal infestation. Brazilian woods tend to have a life expectancy five times higher than other woods commonly used for outdoor flooring. My Tuscan Wood’s outdoor hardwood floor solutions represent a long-term investment, which is not only durable but also trendy.