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Tile and plank assembly

In our video (available online) you can see the assembly of a set up of our floorboards with the clip method, a very effective and simple way to make the most out of our planks. It isn’t necessary to drill holes into our planks in order to insert screws. The assembly between planks are invisible, and the clips anchored to the floor’s frame, which is in turn anchored to the floor or wall.

My Tuscan Wood’s outdoor decking options can be directly inserted onto the frame, which will be set into the foundation with cement. Alternatively, an OSB panel can be fixed to the floor to act as a base for the frame.

First, place two retractable clips, fixing them with a drill and stainless steel screws to the lengthwise side of the planks or the OSB board. Continue by fitting the first plank to the clip, which has been finished so to grip it better. Then, the plank is set on the other side with a second set of clips, to lock it firmly in place. Continue by alternating clips: each plank should be fixed on both sides, in order for the floor to remain stable over time.

The same procedure is used to cover a wall with our hardwood panels. You begin with a regulation plank and then begin applying each individual panel, alternating with the clips.

My Tuscan Wood’s tiles on the other hand are extremely manageable and can be setup to create an easily readjusted floor in only a few steps. The only necessary step to take is to ensure that they will be placed on a stable, flat surface.

Assembly hardware for outdoor flooring

Materials to assemble planks

Assembly method Suggested wheelbase Frame required per m2 Necessary hardware per m2
Clip method 30 cm 3.5 m 30/40 clips
Screw method 45 cm 2.8 m 50/60 screws

My Tuscan Wood can supply clips, screws and other assembly accessories on demand.

Alice Walkway assembly

The video below shows the Alice walkway, perfect for beaches or seaside establishments due to its ability to be easily stored come the off-season. Thanks to it being lightweight and portable, it doesn’t require more than one person to assemble it.

The video also shows that the walkway is identical on both sides and can be flipped so to preserve the wood or to create a different visual effect. The side that remains in contact from the sand does not experience contact with the sun and therefore doesn’t change color, which occurs naturally with exposure to sunlight, and will look like new come the next season. For the next season, the side that was face down previously can be flipped over in order to let it recuperate from sun damage and human impact. These simple procedures will help make your Alice walkway a long term investment thanks to the extreme resistance offered by the woods used in My Tuscan Wood’s variety, particularly to saltiness and severe weather conditions.

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