The hardwood planks in the My Tuscan Wood catalogue are a wonderful solution for outdoor wall treatments as well as flooring. The Tuscan brand offers a wide range of planks in different colors, finishes and textures that are perfect for providing a wall treatment that is 100% Made in Tuscany and available to purchase online.

Wooden wall treatments are the best solution for venues, restaurants and clubs that want to convey the atmosphere of the locale with a trendy, natural material available in different finishes and colors.

Outdoor wooden wall treatments become essential to the design of a venue, in particular outdoor spaces such as terraces and decks. The range of options available covers more rustic designs, as well as industrial and eco-friendly sophistication. Starting from wall dressings and floors, a harmonious and natural atmosphere can be created for your venue’s outdoor space.

Our wall treatment solutions

The wood varieties chosen by My Tuscan Wood guarantees durability and resistance to different weather conditions and changes in temperature. They are an excellent thermal insulator and help create comfort both in winter and summer.

The solid hardwood and finger joint planks, traditionally used for flooring, can also be used as wall treatments. Many clubs have chosen our planks as an addition to their venue’s walls, using My Tuscan Wood planks in a trendy and avant-garde way. The range of wood varieties, sizes and finishes allows for maximum customization.

Besides the incredibly durable Brazilian wood planks in Tatajuba, Ipe, Itauba and Garapa, My Tuscan Wood also suggests planks in tropical Eucalyptus (finger joint) and Locust wood (finger joint and solid wood.) Different wood profiles can also be provided on an architect or designer’s request.

How to purchase

Choose the solution best suited for your needs. Next to the image of each product you will find our directions for use. For any query please contact us, we will be happy to help you with our expertise.

Assembly and care

Assembling our wall treatments requires minimal manual labour. Follow our video tutorials to create the effect you most prefer and contact our staff if you have any doubts. Our woods do not require upkeep and will remain unaltered for years, taking on a grey hue over time. If you would like to keep the wood’s original colour, treat by hand with oil oncer a year The tiles for cafes, restaurants and venues are easily assembled even by those who are unfamiliar with DIY, as long as you have an even foundation on which to assemble your floor. Our planks require minimal manual labor. My Tuscan Wood is happy to offer clips, wood oil and other accessories on request.

Follow our video tutorials to create the effect and customization you prefer, and if you have any doubts our staff is always available to consult. Our wood does not need upkeep and will remain strong and unaltered for years to come, assuming over time a greying color. If you want to maintain your hardwood floors’ original hue, treat it by hand with wood oil once a year.

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