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My Tuscan Wood is the ideal online solution for:

  • Those who want to furnish their home with charm and attention to design, without turning to standard products by providing an exclusive interior and exterior domestic space which is current, relaxing and inspired by a unique Italian style;
  • Those who want to perfect a hotel, public venue, beachside business or spa in an eco-friendly and trendy fashion, or to find a natural contrast between organic materials and futuristic design;
  • Architects and carpenters who search for a dedicated spokesperson who is able to produce a personalized product.
Marco and Carlo Chiellini: founders of My Tuscan Wood

My Tuscan Wood, the Tuscan passion for wood.

My Tuscan Wood is a brand created through the collaboration of Tuscan companies that want to make the most of and introduce the world to the excellence of Tuscan artisanal traditions in the wood sector.

My Tuscan Wood is shaped for architects, interior designers, professionals and private customers, offering finished and semi-finished products in superior quality wood, which represent the deep artistic Tuscan tradition in a contemporary way.

The ability to master the complex beauty of woodworking comes from the unique heritage of Tuscan artisans who have handed down their secrets and expertise over centuries, from generation to generation.

Since the Middle Ages, Tuscany an extraordinary hub for culture and art, has developed and perfected woodworking, bringing it to unrivalled levels of expertise. While the arts and sciences reached new heights in Florence thanks to the likes of Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Michelangelo and Galileo – just to name a few – the art form of manipulating wood also shaped itself, which has always accompanied Tuscan culture and architecture learning the immortal sense of beauty.

Walking through Florence or visiting its historical buildings, one is able to admire flooring, windows, doors and intricately carved furniture that has resisted the passing of centuries and maintained a sense of perfection and balance throughout time. The artists of this splendid woodwork are artisans who are more or less known, from whom the current generation of Tuscan carpenters garner their heritage and introduce their traditions to the world thanks to the internet.

My Tuscan Wood is an ambassador for Tuscan tradition, which constructs its sense of beauty by finding inspiration in the countless historical cities, natural passages and works of arts. In the worlds of fashion, design, goldsmithery and carpentry, this unique sensibility has conquered the world in the name of Italian style.

Panoram di Firenze con il Duomo e Palazzo Vecchio

My Tuscan Wood: online synergy for artisanal Tuscan companies

The My Tuscan Wood brand is created from the union between strengths, ideas and synergy between a constellation of companies that represent Tuscan artisanal traditions who want to face the worldwide market together, promoting their high quality products and ensuring their availability to a vast network of furnishing professionals and those who appreciate beauty thanks to online orders and e-commerce.

The companies pride themselves on their long tradition of passing down skills and artisanal secrets through generations of family members as well as understanding and adopting contemporary techniques and the global market.

The project is evolving: new carpenters and woodsmiths will join the existing network of artisans to contribute doors, windows, hardwood floors and interior and outdoor furniture. All My Tuscan Wood asks of its artisans is high quality products for a good price, meticulously crafted out of beautiful wood.

My Tuscan Wood is a carousel in which every artisan displays their own products and brings their individual business forward. It is a window display of the excellent carpentry Tuscany has to offer, able to make hardwood floors and furnishings the stand alone as the protagonist of your space from which the rest of your design can take inspiration.

The natural feeling of wood is emphasized by a wide range of solutions that capture the essence of precious wood as well as giving the highest quality results that are easy to maintain and treat over time.

Un artigiano toscano a lavoro

The history of My Tuscan Wood

Ernesto Chiellini


Ernesto Chiellini
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Arduino Chiellini
Marco Chiellini


Marco Chiellini
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Carlo Chiellini
My Tuscan Wood is born


My Tuscan Wood

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