Whoever manages a beach business, whether it be a seaside bar or restaurant is required to respect the laws that respect the environment and guarantee accessibility to the beach, especially for to persons with limited motor skills.

Beach walkways are the easiest way to fulfill these requirements, as they do not obstruct seaside passage. Because of this they must not be placed at a height greater than that of the beach itself, with the exception of the slope necessary to connect the walkway to elevated structures and businesses.

The wooden walkways from My Tuscan Wood are a safe bet, as they guarantee accessible and safe pedestrian access, respecting the laws, as well as being attractive and resistant to severe weather conditions to allow a safe solution year after year. Like all of the products in the My Tuscan Wood range, our wooden walkways are produced in Tuscany, between our Livorno and Castelfiorentino (Firenze) workshops and are available to purchase online.

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Everything you need to know about the Alice walkway

The Alice wooden walkway has been designed for the beach and respects environmental and accessibility laws, having been tested successfully for years on beaches along the Tuscan Riviera.

Certified by the Istituto Giordano, it is constructed from horizontal planks which are available in either customizable dimensions or the standard 90-100 cm width, connected by 2.5/3 m long mats that are flexible and easy to roll up for storage or maintenance. A simple hook system allows you to connect the mats together in order to customize the walkway.

Stainless steel cables are used to connect the planks together. The planks are spaced out enough so that one can still roll the mats up easily. The Alice walkway is 2.5/3 m wide in order to accommodate the movement of two persons as directed by certain laws.

The Alice walkway has some fundamental advantages: it can be put into place very easily; it is quickly disassembled and can be stored simply because of its ability to roll up on itself, taking up very little space.

The Alice walkway is also advantaged in that it is reversible, which guarantees a longer lifespan than that of other products seeing as the downward facing side is protected in terms of structure and color.

Everything you need to know about the DIY walkway

My Tuscan Wood’s DIY walkway – or Pedana – is a completely customizable walkway that you can build to fit your business’ needs. It can be built on location using planks, three layered laths (two lateral and one in the center to guarantee higher stability for the walkway) and stainless steel screws. My Tuscan Wood does not complete construction for these walkways but is happy to offer instructions and tutorials.

The advantages of the Pedana walkway lies in the ability to construct a path that perfectly fits your venue’s needs while still considering the area’s laws. It is also possible to alternate planks in terms of texture so to create a unique effect and protect the wood.

The choice of wood is customizable and dependent on your needs: for example, our Livorno and Rio nell’Elba finger joint planks allow more stability. The only disadvantage compared to the Alice walkway is the complicated construction and storage since the planks take up more space.

How to purchase

Choose the solution and option that is most suitable for the needs of your beachside venue. Alice is easily assembled and stored, making it the ideal solution for use during the day and storage at night, perfect for temporary or seasonal situations Our tiles are best suited for long term solutions, seeing as the stable and durable floor takes longer to dismount and requires more storage space. Beside each image of our products you will find our suggestions on how to use the product. For any query please contact us, we will be happy to help you with our expertise.

Assembly and care

Alice is easily assembled, hooking the mats together, the perfect solution for those with little to no DIY experience. Our tiles are slightly more complicated and require minimal manual labour.

Follow our video tutorials to create the effect and customization you prefer, and if you have any doubts our staff is always available to consult. Our wood does not need upkeep and will remain strong and unaltered for years to come, assuming over time a greying color. For wood that is in constant contact with water and salt, we recommend giving it a layer of oil by hand at the start and end of the season.

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