My Tuscan Wood offers a wide range of wooden structures for beaches and seaside establishments, including permanent and mobile walkways.This type of structure needs to be able to respond to different needs.

Most importantly it is in compliance with the law: every path that leads to the shore is a public issue, tourism organizations need to obtain a license to conduct activities on the beach. Seaside tourist attractions need to follow precise laws, particularly those related to accessibility and the environment. Sidewalks need to guarantee easy access to beaches even for persons with limited motor skills. Wood is the ideal material for this task: resistant, it feels harmonious in a natural setting and is able to adapt to a sandy or gravel foundation, allowing for pedestrian safety.

It is also very important to provide structures that are resistant to splintering, severe weather conditions, humidity, wind, saltiness and sun damage. My Tuscan Wood’s outdoor solutions, produced in Livorno and Castelfiorentino (Florence) in Tuscany, are the ideal beachside solution and can be purchased online. Our hardwood planks and tiles are ideal for bars, restaurants, porches, outdoor showers and pedestrian walkways, which are made with Brazilian wood varieties like Tatajuba, Ipe, Itauba and Garapa. These types of wood are known for being exceptionally strong, resistant to wear and tear, saltiness and humidity five times more than any other natural or treated wood.

A hardwood floor by My Tuscan Wood is a safe and durable investment, which remains functional and unaltered year after year. In the case of our walkways and removable tiles, the product is light enough to easily move and rearrange in order to properly customize the space. Resistant to parasites, the wood is fast drying and easily sanitized. The planks are smooth on one side and textured on the other allowing for different design possibilities depending on taste or to limit wear over time.