A hardwood floor by My Tuscan Wood is the ideal solution for a beachside bar, restaurant or club. It’s resistant, flexible, stable and customizable according to your needs, perfect for both a venue’s interior space as well as terraces, decks and walkways.

Wood works harmonize perfectly with a beachside location: it is not invasive, it feels natural and it picks up a fascinating grey hue over time as it is exposed to wind and sun.

My Tuscan Wood’s beachside flooring is a safe investment over time. We exclusively use Brazilian varieties of wood: Tatajuba, Ipe, Itauba and Garapa, known for being extremely strong and resistant to severe weather conditions. It has been proven that they can last up to five times longer than any natural or cured wood when exposed to humidity, sun, saltiness, temperature changes and wear. They do not splinter and they remain compact and smooth, allowing for maximum comfort in locations where walking barefoot is the norm.

All of our hardwood floors are produced in Tuscany in our Livorno and Castelfiorentino (Florence) workshops and have been tested at various beachside locations along the Tuscan Riviera. They are all available for purchase online.

Our solutions

Tutto sui pavimenti per spiaggia classici

For permanent hardwood floors for bars, restaurants, terraces, solariums, My Tuscan Wood offers a wide range of customizable wooden tiles, solid planks and wooden carpets that can be assembled to create beautiful visual effects thanks to finishes and color. Istituto Giordano certifies beach walkways and finger joint planks. Smooth and hygienic, hardwood floors work in perfect harmony with the natural atmosphere of the sea both for more rustic and sophisticated venues. My Tuscan Wood can consult for the best solution in terms of dimensions in order to comply with beachside laws.

Everything you need to know about semi-permanent beach flooring

Walkways, terraces and outdoor showers: many beachside locales require secure but easily moveable floors that can be stored during the off-season or taken apart at the end of the working day.

My Tuscan Wood offers a catalogue of roll up wooden walkways that comply with laws regarding beachside access as well as a line of wooden tiles that are easy to set up and take down, perfect for terraces, decks, outdoor dining areas and solariums. The tiles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures, allowing for easy assembly without the need of a professional.

The personality of your beachside locale is conveyed though a natural and sought after surface. At the end of the season, in only a few steps, you can take the tiles apart and pile them on top of one another for easy storage. Resistant to temperature changes, they guarantee comfort and safety year after year. Immune to parasitic or fungal attack, they are an ideal beachside solution.


Ipe floor decking

Amazonian Ipe, Ipe Tabaco: one of the world’s hardest and most durable woods, also known as ironwood.

Smooth surface floor decking

Brazilian Iroko, Tatajuba: South American wood of a golden brown almost rusty color with a straight grain.

Itauba floor decking

Mato Grosso Ipe, Itauba: It has an oily appearance, with a light pleasant scent and naturally resistant over time.

Planks and wooden rug

Finger joint decking board

A high tech finish allows a modern and homogenous finish which heightens a venue’s ambience.

Ideal for fixed floors that are excellently maintained over time. Able to offer refined and customizable finishes.

Product Dimensions Wood
Firenze 20x93 mm Ipè
Fiesole 22x147 mm Ipè
Castelfiorentino 22x97 mm Tatajuba
Certaldo 29x127 mm Tatajuba
Rufina 42x127 mm Tatajuba
Rool out walkway for beaches

The wooden rug, created as a walkway for beaches, can be created in any size and is completely customizable. The walkways are assembled with stainless steel screws and are ideal for outdoors. Double sided and reversible, it is perfect as a temporary solution.

Product Width (m) Height Price
Tappeto from 2 to 5 Varied Varied

How to purchase

Choose the solution and option that is most suitable for the style of your venue. A mobile walkway is easily assembled and disassembled and is the perfect solution for temporary or seasonal situations, , whereas a classic walkway is an almost permanent solution.. For any query please contact us, we will be happy to help you with our expertise.

Assembly and care

The mobile walkway is easily assembled/disassembled even by those who are unfamiliar with DIY, and requires minimal storage space when not in use. Our planks require minimal manual labor.

Follow our video tutorials to create the effect and customization you prefer, and if you have any doubts our staff is always available to consult. Our wood does not need upkeep and will remain strong and unaltered for years to come, assuming over time a greying color. If you want to maintain your hardwood floors’ original hue, treat it by hand with wood oil at the start and end of the touristic season.

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