My Tuscan Wood, with its wide range of hardwood floors and wooden garden accessories, promotes a natural, atmospheric and resistant wooden solution for gardens that is resistant to being permanently outdoors and strong throughout changing seasons.

Our outdoor flooring solutions was the foundation to create a coordinated range of garden decorations and furnishing: dividers, sun blinds, windbreaks, fences and gates that are easily put together. My Tuscan Wood also offers planters, flower bed borders, lampshades, benches, fences and structures that can be built based on your needs and measurements provided by architects, designers and landscapers.

Production takes place exclusively in our Castelfiorentino (Florence) workshop in Tuscany, with over eighty years of experience, making strides in research and treatment for wood best suited for outdoor spaces, ideal for private residences, restaurants, beachside locales and stores. Our online shop allows us to distribute our products worldwide.

The quality of the wood and our finishing’s, customizable based on specific needs, offer an added value that will help complete the overall atmosphere of your outdoor space. If you’re an architect or landscaper, our line of outdoor solutions will help bring your vision for your client’s space to fruition by completing your project and adding an element of sophistication.

Unlike other artisanal suppliers, My Tuscan Wood has had the opportunity to familiarize itself with various Brazilian tropical woods which up until recently was not very well known in Italy. Tatajuba, Ipe, Itauba and Garapa are unrivalled in terms of their strength and durability, resistant to sun damage, temperature changes, severe weather conditions as well as fungus, mold and parasites.

After trials to better understand and master the technology required to work with such strong woods, My Tuscan Wood has perfected a range of hardwood floors, treatments and garden accessories that offer a lifespan at least five times greater compared to products in other cured or natural wood varieties.

The offer of private, shared, commercial, hotel, pool and spa garden accessories uses the wood in its natural state, requiring minimal maintenance and treatments as well as using the wood to its full potential by protecting the material’s natural beauty. Exposure to air and sun will cause the wood to adopt a grey hue that is sought after over time.