The castle of Boccale near Livorno

Made in Tuscany Products

The Tuscan wood network

My Tuscan Wood is a brand that brings together selected Tuscan companies and artisans who propose contemporary concepts for wooden furnishings and structures. Using fine wood with superior aesthetic and functional traits, the company offers hardwood products for architects, interior designers, professional and private clients who search for simple solutions, and, if needed, technical consultation.
The heart of My Tuscan Wood’s online community is made up of hardwood structures, paneling and outdoor flooring, but the project involves and is open to every Tuscan producer of finished and semi-finished hard wood who would like to turn themselves into ambassadors of Tuscan artisanal traditions both in Italy and worldwide through an online presence.

Outdoor flooring

Outdoor wood deck

Tiles and decking boards in fine tropical and European woods, unrivalled in the face of severe weather conditions. The allure of natural wood meets the freedom from care and simple assembly.

Beach structures

Beachside wood flooring

Removable and permanent walkways and outdoor flooring for beachside establishments. Trendy, respectful to environmental and local laws, and resistant to severe weather conditions and sea salt.

Garden decoration and accessories

Planters and accessories for outdoor

An ample selection of wooden accessories and structures to customize gardens and open spaces including garden dividers, sun blinds, windbreaks, gates, planters, flower bed borders, benches and fences.

Exterior paneling

Wood exterior panelling

Natural hard wood planks available in a series of customizable finishes, cuts, treatments and assemblies to cover and dress exterior walls in order to give shape and personality to private homes and venues.


Terraces »

Wooden planks and tiles to give a natural feel to your terrace or balcony.


Pools »

Comfortable and beautiful wooden floors which are resistant to humidity and non slippery for your poolside area.


Spas »

Our wooden planks and tiles for spas and wellness centers are resilient to environmental and humidity effects and immune to fungus and parasites.


Venues »

We have hard wood floors for bars, restaurants and other establishments. These beautifully designed floors are also functional, hygienic and fireproof.


Porches »

Our porches can be fixed or have mobile flooring to warm the atmosphere of your porch as well as resistant to humidity, heat, wear and tear.


Garden »

Hardwood products for flooring, walkways, lunch and leisure spots, for a natural and unique feel.