Always by the carpenter’s side

Our company has a solid history working alongside carpenters. Since the beginning of our company we have supplied Tuscan carpenters with the highest quality wood: an essential element to their experience and artisanal excellence.

My Tuscan Wood promotes woodwork that works with the authentic material source, taking advantage of wood’s ability to insulate, isolate and transpire, elevating the element through sophisticated woodwork.

We work alongside carpenters to supply the highest quality wood which is essential to their craft. Our machinery allows us to treat even the strongest tropical woods, notoriously difficult to cut, such as Brazilian Iroko, Tabaco Ipe and Mato Grosso Ipe, that give our products their unique properties that is unachievable with other varieties of wood.

We are able to supply seldom used but attractive wall treatments for outdoors in varieties of Eucalyptus, Acacia, Siberian Larch, Chestnut or any other wood you would like to use on your products.

Un falegname toscano a lavoro

My Tuscan Wood, a network of quality Tuscan products

Our entire productive cycle takes place in Tuscany and our brand’s new website provides a virtual shop window that can help sell your products across Italy and overseas.

My Tuscan Wood is an evolving business dedicated to working with other Tuscan woodworking companies. My Tuscan Wood’s website is available to Tuscan carpentry companies that would like to collaborate in creating a new level of excellence when it comes to wooden products Made in Tuscany. You can find out how to join our growing community in our partner section.

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